Blog » Is Roofing Ventilation Important?

A roofing system features many integral parts, ventilation is essential although often mistakenly overlooked.

It’s natural for homeowners with little knowledge of roofing to associate their roof with shingles, and nothing else. The roof deck, fasteners and flashings are just extra parts to make the roof stay in place, right? Wrong. The roof deck, shingles, fasteners and flashings are all equally important components of a roofing system.  

One area in particular that isn’t discussed frequently is roofing ventilation. Just like ventilation is often overlooked when it comes to HVAC, the same goes for roofing. So, why does a roof need ventilation?  Roofing ventilation helps prevent damage and premature aging. Poor ventilation in the summer can lead to heat buildup in the attic which transfers to living spaces and decreases efficiency. In the winter, a lack of ventilation can cause moisture to get trapped in the attic and encourage mold growth.  

Optimal ventilation creates a balance between hot and cool air.  In order to ensure a steady flow of cool, dry air through your attic, hot air needs a way out.  This is where intake and exhaust play critical roles in roofing ventilation.  Intake vents are installed to let outside air move freely into the attic and ventilation space. This is usually achieved through the use of eave and soffit vents.  Exhaust vents allow the air in the attic and ventilation space to exit the home, making room for fresh air from intake vents.  There are several types of exhausts vents used in roofing ventilation.  

Proper roofing ventilation offers a host of advantages for your roofing system and your home.  These include…

  • Creates a longer lifespan for your shingles and other roofing components
  • Enables air to flow naturally up and out of the attic, resulting in a cool, dry space
  • Keeps moisture from permeating insulation, foundation and roofing components
  • Prevents rotting, mildew, peeling paint and warped siding
  • Improves ventilation without extra energy consumption

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