Blog » What are the Benefits of Insulated Siding?

Siding is just as much about functionality and efficiency as it is appearance.

What many homeowners don’t realize is siding is a critical element for protecting the inside of your home as well as the outside. With more focus on carbon footprints and the rising cost of energy, siding is just as much about functionality and efficiency as it is appearance. If chosen appropriately and installed correctly, siding can increase a home’s safety, comfort and energy efficiency.  

No matter what your budget, there’s a siding option that will compliment your home. However, every style of siding uses a thermal barrier to stop the flow of air between the inside and outside. These thermal properties are what help cut back on energy. Whether its vinyl siding or hardboard siding, each has its own features that lend to energy efficiency.  

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Insulated siding is identified by both the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency as a type of home siding that can improve energy efficiency. In fact, insulated siding that meets the R-value levels specified by these agencies may qualify as an Energy Star home. Since many homes are outfitted with vinyl siding, which is not waterproof, it’s recommended to use a house wrap underneath for insulation. 

What exactly is insulated siding?  

Basically, insulated siding is siding that is installed over a whole house wrap. This includes products like Tyvek paper and Norandex Polar Wall Plus. These wraps serve as a protective barrier between the home and siding.  

Benefits of Insulated Siding

  • increased energy efficiency
  • reduced heating and cooling bills
  • outdoor sound control
  • moisture barrier
  • impact resistance and damage prevention
  • protection of wall insulation
  • low-maintenance

PRS Roofing & Siding understands that the choice of home siding is a very important one. Not only is it an investment, but a decision that affects the durability, safety and efficiency of your home. Many factors go into to choosing an appropriate type of siding, including your climate, home style and your budget. To learn more about siding options, and which is best for your home, contact PRS Roofing & Siding today.