Dimensional Shingles

Dimensional shingles, also known as architectural or laminated, are often compared to asphalt shingles, though they have some unique differences. Dimensional shingles were first used in the 70’s by homeowners who wanted shingles that resembled cedar, but performed like asphalt. They’ve come a long way in recent decades, as manufacturers introduced quality, stylish dimensional shingles that are as sturdy and dependable as they are beautiful. 

Dimensional shingles offer affordability, reliability and style. They are a very popular choice, and tend to be regarded as the mid-range option when compared to 3-tab shingles and designer shingles. Running about 20% less, 3-tab is the more economical, but doesn’t offer the same style and benefits as dimensional. Designer shingles are a high end alternative, but can cost up to 50% more than dimensional. Dimensional shingles are the preferred option if style, cost-effectiveness and durability are key requirements. 

Here are some facts and benefits of dimensional shingles:

  • The predominant roofing material used in homes across the country.
  • Two layers of shingle material bonded give it the scattered, high and low three-dimensional appearance that is very dramatic and eye-catching. 
  • Thicker layer of materials make dimensional shingles far more damage, fire and wind-resistant than other alternative roofing materials.
  • As long as the roof is kept clean and clear of debris, a dimensional shingle roof will perform for about 30-40 years.
  • With the countless styles and colors that are available (everything from cedar to charcoal and any color in between), dimensional shingles can accent the beauty and architecture of any home.
  • They offer high-end style without the cost. Dimensional shingle lines are being designed to closely mimic expensive alternatives like slate, shake and tile. 

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