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Selecting siding is a balancing act between aesthetics, resilience, maintenance, and cost efficiency. It can be challenging to achieve all of these qualities with traditional options like vinyl and wood. On the other hand, cement siding offers it all.

Types of Cement Siding
Selecting siding is a balancing act between aesthetics, resilience, maintenance, and cost efficiency.  It can be challenging to achieve all of these qualities with traditional options like vinyl and wood.  On the other hand, cement siding offers it all. Also referred to as fiber cement, this type of siding is a durable, yet flexible mix of Portland cement, sand, and cellulose fiber, and one of very few options that offer the performance, low maintenance, fire, pest and weather resistant capabilities of brick masonry.  Fortunately, fiber cement is available at a fraction of the cost of high end materials like stone and brick.  According to the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction, over 15% of new homes have fiber cement siding. 
Need more reason to consider fiber cement when re-siding or building a new home?  The material is proven to increase home value—home renovation experts indicate homes with fiber cement siding return between 80% and 105% of their initial cost.  
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With any type of siding, there are always downsides.  Fiber cement siding will definitely cost more than vinyl siding, and it’s trickier to install, making the entire project more expensive and time-consuming.  However, the advantages oftentimes outweigh the disadvantages.  These include…

  • durable and long-lasting
  • moisture and fire-resistant
  • dimensionally stable
  • aesthetically appealing
  • available in primed or primed & painted varieties

Looks like real wood, but outperforms
Fiber cement siding mimics long panels or boards similar to what you see with lap siding or board and batten siding.  Most fiber cement manufacturers also make shakes, shingles and scallops to compliment various siding styles on homes. Aside from the unique components used to create this durable, resilient product, fiber cement siding differs from other types of siding in the specific design features of the panels or shingles.  It looks just like real wood, straight down to the texture, but surpasses authentic wood with its distinctive qualities.  Whether it’s climate zone protection, pre-primed finish options, colorstay technologies, or other special features, fiber cement offers an abundance of advantages to the homeowner. 
PRS Roofing & Siding is a locally recognized residential siding contractor.  We suggest only the highest quality fiber cement siding for your home.  Here are a few recommendations from qualified manufacturers…
GAF WeatherSide
GAF is one of very few manufacturers that make new fiber cement siding shingles, styled to match the asbestos shingles, so it’s an excellent option for replacing and repairing old asbestos siding.  WeatherSide is also well-suited for applications where there are damaged shingles, small additions that require new siding or for changing the siding around windows.  You can do all of this without replacing siding on the entire home.  WeatherSide shingles are fireproof, durable and resistant to freeze-thaw conditions, and they come pre-primed and ready to be painted to match the existing siding.  These qualities lend to ease of use whether it’s a whole house project or just portions that need replaced. 

GAF WeatherSide

CertainTeed WeatherBoards
CertainTeed WeatherBoards are a fiber cement siding option that offers many different styles and textures for any age or design of home.  Many homeowners choose this type of panel or shingle because it emulates the look of wood and cedar, and comes hand-stained in an assortment of finishes to match any exterior design.  WeatherBoards are available in styles like lap, board and batten, shakes, shingles and scallops.  A safe, eco-friendly, low maintenance and weather-resistant alternative to vinyl, WeatherBoards are a top choice for elegance without the traditional upkeep. 

James Hardie—Hardie Plank
Hardie Plank siding is the world leader in fiber cement siding.  Preferred in homes across America, Hardie Plank is specially engineered for your climate and able to withstand damage from moisture and rot, rain, sleet, heat or snow.  This variety of fiber cement siding is proven more durable in hot, humid climates than traditional masonry, but doesn’t come with the hefty price tag.  This superior option maintains shape for much longer than vinyl which means less maintenance, less hassle, and it’s available unfinished for easy painting or pre-finished with color-plus technology.  The authentic wood grain look and feel of Hardie Plank is unmistakable. 

Trust in Richmond’s siding experts
Sold on the idea of fiber cement siding, but not sure where to go from here?  Let our experienced team of siding contractors help you make the best choice for your home and your family.  We’ll come out to perform a free on-site estimate, review options and answer all of your questions.  To schedule an estimate, or for more information on residential siding and quality installation, contact PRS Roofing & Siding today.